Durashine Roof Red
Roof Specification
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.35 / 0.45 / 0.50 / 0.60
Sheet Length* (mm) 2440(8f), 3050(10ft), 3660(12ft), 4270(14ft), 4880(16ft)
Effective Cover Width(mm) Nominal 1015
Overall Width(mm) Nominal 1072
Minimum Roof slope(degrees) 3
Durashine Wall
Wall Specification
Total Coated Thickness (mm) 0.35 / 0.45 / 0.50 / 0.60
Sheet Length* (mm) 2440(8f), 3050(10ft), 3660(12ft), 4270(14ft)
Effective Cover Width(mm) Nominal 1110
Overall Width(mm) Nominal 1150

Durashine Roof
Maximum Support Spacing (mm)*
Type Of Span Roof Wall
Single Span 950 1700
End Span 1200 2450
Internal Span 1750 2850

*Terms & Conditions Applicable

Anti-Capillary Groove : Anti-capillary grooves ensure leak-proof performance

Wider Valleys : Wider Valleys ensure higher water discharge during heavy rains

Maximum Support Spacing (mm)*
Type Of Span Roof
Single Span 1150
End Span 1500
Internal Span 1650

*Terms & Conditions Applicable

Widest Profile : DURASHINE wall is one of the widest wall profile sheets available, which also quick and easy to install

Benefits of Durashine Roof & Wall

Long Lasting High Strength (550MPA) Better Thermal Efficiency
Zinc-Aluminum alloy coating provides excellent corrosion resistance compared to galvanized steel Manufactured from high strength raw materials Durashine profiles have high heat reflectivity thereby making it an energy efficient solution
Its super paint system gives longer product life over pre-painted galvanized steel Saves Overall cost of supporting structures. light weight makes it easy to handle It maintains inside temperature as compared to galvanized sheets, asbestors sheets, concrete slab and clay tiles
The profile last 2-4 times longer than ordinary colour coated sheet Longer span and wider spreads ensure freedom in design

*Disclamer :
Condensation is the natural formation of water droplets on the bottom side of any installed metal roofing sheet. It may occur whenthere is a difference in temperature between the air in the building and the sheet itself, causing the water vapour(moisture) in the air to consense on the sheet. it is a natural phenomenon and hence no claims will be entertained in this regard.
The risk of condensation may be minimised by providing proper ventilation arrangement in the roofs and by using suitable insulation.

Available Standard Colours*

Asian White

Cool Blue

Cello Blue

Nuvo Blue

Bright Green

Pearl Green

Castle Red

Passion Red

Cherry Red

*Disclamer :
1) The Above Colours are only for illustrative purpose and actual colours may vary.
2) All The above colour names are trademarks under DURASHINE brand.

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